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"She keeps you guessing, but she makes the hanging in there worthwhile."

>by George W. Harris/Jazz Weekly/USA

"There’s no confining her to any one label. That’s the beauty of this original artist verging on abstract and lyrical, able to comfortably ride stream of conscious unconsciousness and straight-ahead jazz, without having to choose.​"

>by Carol Banks Weber/AXS/USA

"Yavuz is in no hurry, delivering her vocals in the clearest of notes. She really does have an exceptional voice. The title track begins the disc with spacious percussion sounds and electric guitar chords slowly building..."

>by Jon Neudorf/Sea of Tranquilty/USA

"She's really all about exploring creativity and digging deep into finding meat and meaning. Wild stuff primed for those ready to take a wild ride that seems like it's starting point is Grace Slick but it ends up in anybody's guess. Check it out. "

>by Chris Spector/Midwest Record/USA

"Her dexterity of playing with her vocals is just new. In a world where every style is in bed with another, I feel a unique reach of a characteristic style here. She has her own style and that cuts her like a knife from the others. But the awkward thing is that in little red bug her style is not having a style at all. It’s sophisticated, elaborative and involved.​"

>by Zekeriya S. Şen/Tıkabasa Müzik/Turkey

"Basak Yavuz of jumping the gun, and the result of the Turkish vocalist’s mature approach to her craft, and how to tell her story..."

>by Barry Davis/Jerusalem Post/Israel

"We can no longer pretend that this is something new in the world – singers from great Middle Eastern and Asian traditions who relocate to the West and bring all of their musical background with them to the most multi-cultural jazz possible..."

>The Buffalo News/USA

"-pretty impressive, eh? Yavuz sings everything with a winning combination of warmth, wistfulness, and sharp humor."

>by Rick Anderson/CD Hotlist/USA

"One of the best jazz surprises in recent years comes from Turkey! Basak Yavuz is an extremely creative Istanbul-based vocalist, composer and arranger..."

>by Arnaldo DeSouteiro/Jazz Station/USA

"El ámbito del jazz no iba a ser una excepción, y así lo demuestra esta entrega, la primera, de la sorprendente cantante Basak Yavuz, la de mirada honesta y voz dotadísima..."

>Cuadernos de Jazz/Spain

"Γενικώς, υπάρχει διασκορπισμένη πολλή «άλλη άποψη» στα κομμάτια του “things…” (με τον Liebman να πρωτοστατεί, όσον αφορά στα soli), πράγμα που μετατρέπει την ακρόαση του εκτεταμένου στο χρόνο CD –γιατί όχι;– σε μία ενδιαφέρουσα διαδικασία."


"Songs like moonlight… sometimes providing only the softest glow and subtle warmth, sometimes blasting away the darkness and lighting up everything in sight."

>Wondering Sound/USA

"Glorious at times, magical at other times and never dull, "Things..." is quite a trip!"

>Step Tempest/USA

"Originally an architect, Yavuz decided she could not live without music -- which she started studying at an early age -- and enrolled in New York's prestigious Manhattan School of Music, where she studied jazz composition and performance..."

>by Ali Pektaş/Todays Zaman/Turkey

"Title track ‘Things’ name-checks references that add a few insights to this former architect’s cherished cultural artefacts, whether a painting of a New York café or a photo of pianist Junior Mance, ..."


"I like when her vocals take flight in the last part of the song."

>Toby Mearing Radio Show/USA

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